Mascot Design

A cute and likeable Character is the eyecatcher every style conscious Visualization needs to have!

They are the heroes we adore, the friends we want to meet and the entry for every believable World we want to explore. Here you get a once in a lifetime possibility to experience what it takes to create such an Avatar. Easily readable emotions are key, appealing colors and a lifelike expression break the border between being a flat and forgetable figurine like the rest of the corporate crap out there.

So, now the bad news:
This takes a lot of work.
Its not easily achieved. It might not grab everybody instantly.
But with the necessary abilities and years of experience every entity can get a body which incorporates a Soul.

The part which really does live.

So ask yourself:
Does my company, my project, the story i want to tell really have a character?
Does it have needs, is it sad sometimes? Does it love to stand in a warm summer rain?
Will it laugh and run to caress its grandmother when she visits?

That´s what i hoped for.


Projects displayed here include
Citycaching Salzburg, Clustar, Scoutbobby, Ökogotschi
made with love
@ Polycular