Simon Linder

Digital Artist

Illustration and Animation

Welcome to the present age of Simon F.P. Linder.

Simon is a seasoned digital artist with years full of developing his craftsmanship from working in the digital plane on Games, Communication and Animation.
This Homepage is a showcase of his wide variety in Digital Art creation.

Dont get lost, get very lost.




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Simon is a digital Artist, based in Innsbruck, Austria who
has refined his craft since childhood.
He is a trained graphic-designer, attended a Nursery School, studied MultiMediaArt complete in computeranimation, lead many successfull Projects in the digital Realm and managed to stay oh so very human..
Working selfemployed for many years combined with the exercise he gained while working in numerous positions for
different companies has laid the foundation
for his professional work ethic.

Now Simon teaches, holds workshops and tries to be a good father to two sons and Partner to meet on eye height.

Simon likes to think he has seen it all, but never knows best.


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Karl-Innerebner-Straße 43
6020 Innsbruck

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+43 699 12 94 6707