NFT – personal implications

Art has leaned out of its natural context. Museums will be shattered, Galleries expropriated and the ancient wooden frames will be burned for a tiny bit of energy. They should be thankful for that. All worthless now, that we escaped the rotten tradition of analog art.

Just copying and observing isn´t enough anymore. We are at the end. The internet as we knew it has ended. Endless duplicatable Data is futile if its not owned. The value kicks in as the dust settles. We can all be trustfully interlinked. Its easy. You enter a new era of interconnected computing and suddenly the land is not free anymore. This new border has opened and now we even up the real virtual space.

And nothing can be hung up in your house.
Blockchain links forever.

Why share art, if you cant share the information that you own it! Or better, own the link to the entry on our obscure data-list distributed over several computers. Average primates embrace everything, even if they dont have the skills to understand anything. At least not if its deeper than a comic character or some seemingly randomly placed pixels.

Now that the Aura is finally free to wander around everywhere via the data highways accessible to every once simple primate. It is inevitable that we give art back to whomever wants to have a look at it. No more hiding behind museum walls, carpet floor entries and rigid goons in uniforms. This very now is more free and more worth than some dirty oil paste on linen could have ever been!

Where substance isnt a prison no more for our evolution over human capacities digital evolution is due! We lack no more possibilities in this space which is getting more dimensions every second your memory fills up with ever so useless information.

The time to hold back in this game is over. You control the ball now. You decide its form, shape and value with the press of your finger on the screen. Prizing is finally timeless and ever in the hand of the special ones. The ones that create. They join the conscious stream together with the chosen people of crypto. Those chosen who transcended their birthstatus, their personal sin, they dont care anymore for the chains bestowed upon them by the old and eager guard of this analog prison.

Yes, there are baboons. But also, there are more diverse animals. Lots of different ones, all so manifold in shape and color. Living unique and brilliant lifes. Developing a bit more of an intellect, they strive for culture even. The highest proof of premium intelligence is a very special taste in culture. A taste that can only be described via a number. A high number of digital currencies. Not casual money, not dirt, not a new all-digital form of value.

Still the new craze is opened up, the mammals swarm in to be the last one to be the first one.
Make it your own.
Like true love, something special. But special for new times. Special tomorrow unforgotten. Also worth a fortune, because unfortunately there is no other way for natural thinkboxes to convey how quality something is to them. So get your shiny data-coconut and show it to your pack. We hope they can even imagine the peculiar worth they are witnessing.

Good luck.